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We are verteran's army

Veteran’s Army was founded in 2021 by Ryan Yates, a former soldier who suffered from PTSD following his military career.

After losing former colleagues and friends to suicide, an all-too-common occurrence among the veteran community, Ryan decided to combat his mental health in the public domain in the hope of helping those who were suffering too and prevent further deaths.

Since then, Veteran’s Army has teamed up with a number of organisations across the North West and further afield in the UK to provide counselling and support, training and employment courses and funding to former service personnel who are struggling.

Join the Community

Veteran’s Army aims to be accessible as possible to those who are suffering, whether it’s on Facebook where we host regular lives and QnAs, our online platform or just popping in for a coffee and chat.

However we communicate, the objective is always the same. To help people understand their power to overcome poor mental health and live their life to the full.

We’ve all earned our place in society, now it’s time to enjoy it.

So please support us by following our social channels, joining our online platform and promoting our message among the veteran community.

Veteran's Army Community

Our values

We’re committed to our values of compassion, fairness and courage.

Through compassion, we suffer together. We’re motivated to relieve the suffering of our fellow service people and work hard each day to reach those in need.

Through fairness, we are all equal. We act with integrity without judgement – we do not discriminated and instead promote inclusivity.

Through courage, we stand up for what we believe. We’re proud to do the right thing, no matter how hard that may be.

Our Fundraising

We’re proud of our ethical fundraising strategies and always try to offer something in return for a donation, whether that be joining our online community or working closely with fundraisers to help those in need in their region.

Become a member

Contribute towards the community for just £3.99 per month.

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