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Veteran's Army Courses

One of the main struggles veterans encounter when reintegrating into regular society after their military service is finding employment. There is a wealth of transferrable skills that working in the armed forces can bring – a skill set that few people operating in other industries are likely to build – yet it can be a challenge to find a role best suited to you, or one that you enjoy.

This is why we’ve teamed up with some trusted organisations with an interest in helping the community to offer a range of training courses, with an aim of helping veterans onto a career path and providing them with the necessary accreditation required. From security and dog handling to sports coaching, there are a number of industries looking to benefit from your abilities.

Courses we offer

Grant funding available

We are able to provide grant funding to veterans to assist with booking our courses.

To be eligible for a grant, you must have served in the British Military and are to demonstrate how the qualification would benefit yourself / your community.

The application process takes around a fortnight, with a panel considering many factors before approval.

To find out more and start your application, please visit the page of the course you wish to attend.