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Veteran's Army Support for Ukraine

Our fundraising
£2million 83%

Since the inexplicable conflict began, Ryan and the rest of the team have made a vast amount of dangerous trips into the country, delivering much-needed supplies to those most affected by the unforgivable conflict.

In total the group has made 49 medical equipment deliveries. These are delivery’s made straight to hospitals all over Ukraine providing life-saving equipment.

Whilst In country the team also delivers IFAKS (individual first aid kits critical kits which will sustain a soldier upon a serious injury if used correctly and in time. Each kit represents a life saved on the battlefield. The team has delivered over 2000 of these.

We also provide troop training for units on the front, ensuring each kit is in the hands of someone who can use it to maximum effectiveness.

It’s vital that we keep this work going, and the only way we’re able to do that is if we keep getting support from the British public. Our work here is far from done and we will keep going for as long as we have to, for as long as the country of Ukraine needs us, we will be there.

Our efforts so far...

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